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Electric Heaters

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.

CCI Thermal Technologies offers the following Caloritech™ brand electric heater products:

  • Immersion Heaters: Flange Heaters, Screwplug Heaters, Bottom Mount Heaters, Over the Side Heaters, Pipe Insert Heaters
  • flange heater           immersion heater
  • Air and Space Heaters: Duct Heaters (flanged, insert, explosion proof or process), Convection Heaters, Enclosure Heaters, Infrared Radiant Heaters, Unit Heaters (regular, heavy duty or washdown)
  • Flanged Air Duct Heater           Infrared Radiant Heater           Washdown Unit Heater
  • Engineered Products: Circulation Heaters, Liquid Heat Transfer Systems, Specialty Heaters, Control Panels
  • High Density Circulation Heater with Copper Sheath           Fully Packaged Control Panel          
  • Boilers and Calorifiers: Packaged Hot Water Boilers, Packaged Electric Steam Boilers, Vertical and Horizontal Calorifiers
  • Vertical Calorifier           Packaged Hot Water Boiler
  • Controls and Accessories: Full selection of sensors, switches, indicators, relays and thermostats

Fenwal Thermoswitch Temperature Control
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