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Heat Exchanger Service and Parts

Our partners provide heat exchanger service and parts in the following areas.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: CMS Heat Transfer Division, Inc. (CMS)

New and Replacement Bundles: CMS manufactures a variety of new and replacement bundles in all sizes and construction materials, from 4" x 24" to 54" x 30' long.

plate exchanger repair

A CMS 1142 60" x 24' long all carbon steel skeleton assembly with over 1600 1" diameter tubes in the process of being repaired

Repair and Refinishing: Fouling and corrosion decrease a heat exchangers efficiency and lead to expensive downtime. CMS offers repair and refurbishing of most standard units.

air compressor repair air compressor repaired

Photos of a CMS 1003 air compressor intercooler before and after emergency reconditioning

CMS salvaged and refinished the original tubesheets and side casings, and refit the unit with new CuNi fin tube and stainless steel hardware

Our Partners
Aerofin Corporation
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
CMS Heat Transfer Division Inc.
Costal Technologies Inc
Munters (Des Champs Division)
Fabsco Fin-Air, LLC
Solex Thermal Science
R.W. Holland, Inc.
Precision Cooling Towers
Premium Process Equipment (PPE)
Sigma Thermal
Sondex Inc
Thermo Systems Technology
Turner Envirologic