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Finned Tube Coils

Aerofin Corporation

Aerofin Corporation offers liquid heating and cooling coils, steam coils and other types of finned tube coils, multiple plate and spiral fin options, and a wide selection of tube, header and casing materials. A quick-ship option is available for most non-welded coils, as is ASME construction with the U stamp or UM stamp.

Coil examples:

  • Liquid Heating and Cooling Coils: Standard or custom engineered coils, rolled, brazed or welded joints, removable header cover plate option.

  Plate Fin Coil

  • Steam Coils: Standard or custom engineered coils, 5/8" or 1" O.D. tubes, tube in tube non-freeze design, removable core construction with airtight frame option.

  steam coils

  • Specialty Coils: Integral face and bypass coil designs, motor and generator coolers, transformer oil coolers, process gas coolers/heaters and nuclear heat exchangers.

  transformer oil cooler
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