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Hairpin, Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

R.W. Holland, Inc.

R.W. Holland offers the following hairpin, double pipe heat exchanger units.

Hairpin Heat Exchangers: The hairpin heat exchanger has the following advantages:

  • Operates in true counter current flow permitting extreme temperature cross
  • Is economically adaptable to service differentials
  • Is ideal for wide temperature ranges and differentials
  • Has a standard double pipe or multi-tube design that reduces engineering, thermal design, drafting and shop fabrication costs
  • Provides shorter deliveries than shell and tube due to standardization of design and construction
  • Has resistance welded longitudinal fintubes for high heat transfer efficiency
  • Is available in a wide range of sizes that meet most process requirements
  • Can be shipped in multiple sections that are completely assembled and ready for process piping connection
  • Can be custom engineered to meet any process or piping requirement
  • Are A.S.M.E. inspected and code stamped
  Hairpin Heat Exchanger

Tank Heating Coils: R.W. Holland's tank heating coils are fabricated with fintubes having the orientation of the fin in the direction of the convection currents in the tank (illustrated below). When the fluid next to the fintube is heated, it rises rapidly due to the lower density. The colder fluid at the top of the tank falls to the bottom, creating a thermosyphon action in the tank.

Finned Coil Illustration    Finned Coils    

Suction and Line Heaters: The suction and line heaters have high efficiency due to their use of the R.W. Holland Petrofin Fintube, a longitudinal fintube with the fin's resistance welded to the tube. The company uses several different tube and fin configurations to obtain the most economical selection for the specific application. Their use of fintubes keeps a lower metal temperature, which reduces fouling and the frequency of shutdowns for cleaning.

  suction heater
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